Australian Catholic University, NSW.
Flemings Nursery, Vic.
Ruby Developments, Qsld, NSW. 
Adelaide Oval, SA.
The Adelaide Botanic Gardens, SA.
B M Webb Industrial Property, Qsld.
The Entertainment Centre, SA.
Lakes Resort, SA.
Vividgreen Landscapes, Vic.
Prince Alfred College, SA.
St. Ann’s College, SA.
Many Council’s Australia wide.
Palm Lakes Work, Qsld, NSW, Vic.
Bland2Brilliant Landscapes, Qsld.
Outside Ideas, SA.
Penfold Projects, Qsld.
Adelaide Air Port Motel, SA.
Victor Harbour Council, SA.
JHL Landscapes, Vic. and many more!

This business was built on word of mouth way before computers were on the scene and is still, as it’s very well supported and respected for the selling the Best Quality of Advanced Palms in Australia, Disease Free, Guaranteed Healthy, Canary Island Date Palms and all other Assorted Varieties of Advanced Palms, Trees and Plants with all work we have carried out over the past 35 plus years of business.