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Most people call me Wayno. 

I specialize in selling, pruning, sculpturing, removal and replanting of Advanced Canary Island Date Palms (click to see Palms Sales).

I also do Tree Lopping and Stump Grinding for all species of trees.

Major supplier of Advanced Canary Island Date Palms of 3Mtrs - 10Mtrs trunk height.

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  •   Advanced Phoenix Canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm).


  •    Washington Antonia (filiphera).


  •   Washington Robusta (Cotton Palm) and also many other varieties.



I have a large amount of Advanced Canariensis Palms (Canary Island Date Palms). The palms range in size from 3 metres up to 10 metres and I am able to supply any of these sizes in large quantities to customers Australia wide.



Pruning and Sculpturing

My people are specialists in pruning and sculpturing Canary Island Date Palms. The three main pruning shapes are Standard Collar, Wineglass Collar and Round Collar.


Standard Collar 



Wineglass Collar



Round collar



Bismarkia Palms






We Transplant Advanced Palms Australia Wide! Not only do we transplant Canary Island Date Palms we also transplant Advanced Various Species of Deciduous Trees!


I offer Top Dollar for  Advanced Canary Island Date Palms  $$$!



Advanced Palms


Tree Lopping/Stump Grinding of all types of Palms and Trees

Including Waste Removal


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WAYNO on 0401 439 093

**PLEASE NOTE** All our palms are Guaranteed Healthy, Top Quality at Wholesale Prices.

All enquiries will be answered.

I can supply References from Customers all over Australia.

I've been in this business for 35+ years and demand customer service is achieved to the highest level. All my palms are delivered in Top Quality Condition and Disease Free. At this stage we boast 100% success rate thanks to the experience and professionalism of our people. All my palms are guaranteed as long as they are planted and cared for to our specifications and we have photos of sites and all information regarding soils, climate etc.


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